About Fowlers Unlimited - Saskatchewan waterfowl outfitter

Ryan Lowry has been in the Duck, and Goose Outfitter industry for over a dozen years.   

An Executive Chairman of the SOA (Saskatchewan Outfitters Association) and owning and operating a very successful fly in fishing lodge in Northern SK (Lakers Unlimited)

“ Hunting and Fishing has been a way of life for me ever since I was old enough to walk and bug my relatives to take me along with them.  I started fishing when I was 5 years old, catching small pike in a river near the house where I grew up.  I had my secret fishing hole that no one knew about by the time I was 10…even though no one else ever fished there it was still my secret.  I was 11 when I became a shot gunner.  Always fascinated with things that could fly…I simply wanted to make them stop! Starting out with shooting clays, soon paving the way for my passion for Waterfowl.  I still remember my first real field shoot that my Sporting Clay instructor took me on.  Sitting there under a burlap blanket with some straw overtop of me.  I remember that cold October morning, looking over the trees on the horizon and I could see a flock of big Canadas coming.  Nervous as one could ever be, I laid still and waited for the “take-em”.  Sat up – Boom, Boom, Boom…and never hit a one! 

 I think if I would have hit one I likely wouldn’t remember it so well.  I didn’t have to be good at it then to know that I really liked it.  Then the years progressed, more days in the field, more spotting, more decoys, latest and greatest gadgets that I could buy, and all the learning curves that came with it.  

Whether in a boat with a pole in my hand or grasping a shotgun as the flock makes their swing into the decoys, this is where I am most comfortable.  For everyone that comes hunting with me I make it my mission to have the most successful hunt that is possible.”

~ Ryan “Cap’n Bruce” Lowry